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About Us

One of the oldest organizations in our county, Piatt County Trail Blazers Riding Club was formed June 20, 1954, in Monticello, Illinois. The club was established when the Oehmke sisters, who gave riding lessons, wanted to share their passion for horses with like-minded individuals.

The Start Of Our Club

In the summer of 1954, the Oehmke sisters hosted a riding demonstration for the parents of their pupils. Later, an advertisement was placed in the newspaper to gauge local interest for horseback riding in the community. After this, the Piatt County Trail Blazers club was formed.

Our Growth

In the beginning, the club primarily held trail rides and rode in parades. In October 1954, we put on our first All Western Fun Show. The rodeo and club continued to grow. By 1962, the rodeo was put on by rodeo contractor Carl Canull and family.


Members of the Club

Original Members

By 1958, membership included 60 families. Original members included Elmer Oehmke as President, Herman Wood as Vice President and C.W. Willis as Secretary/Treasurer. Other members were Russ Alexander, Bob Hettinger, Merle Darsham, Jerry Davis, Don Warner, Dick Warner, Charlotte Becker Pearl, Charles Manning, Leonard Burton, and Loren Rogers. 

Current Members

Currently, the Trail Blazers club is 90 members strong. Every member plays a vital role in the success of our annual rodeo.

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