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Piatt County Trail Blazers in Monticello, Illinois, is an organization that welcomes all horse lovers. Learn more about our horse club membership and take advantage of member benefits, including our annual Piatt County Trail Blazer Rodeo.

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Any person of good standing in his or her community is eligible for membership in our club. The Board of Directors will admit you after a majority vote, after you have attended at least one meeting. Children of members, upon reaching the age of 19, will be required to obtain their own membership to vote.

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Our officers are voted on each year. 2017 officers are:

President: Jocelyn Hilgenberg
Treasurer: Sandy Rawson
Vice President: Linda Dyson
Secretary: Holly Miller

Board Members

Our board members help us run an efficient club. Our board members include:

Rick Blythe
Linda Dyson
Nancy McCleary
Mick Griswold 
Gina Allen

Sandy Rawson
Jocelyn Hilgenberg
Terry VanTine
Holly Miller

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Call (217) 722-8044 for more information.